C a s c a d e s ʌ Electronica Mix

Life is an act of balance | A brief glimpse of futures unrestrained.

A shining brilliance uncontained | ’till darkness claims its name.

Death’s yonder voidness beckons | A presence no one soul can tame.

A rare jem rolling in wind’s hand | unnamed, ‘till we meet again.


~ 80 minutes of ambient electronica selections to drift along with.

I hope we find and hold that balance. Many thanks to Kahnman for his inspiring words always.

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– Tracklist –

Moshimoss – Ephemeral Tone
lux natura – at first glance
Niklas Aman – Morning at the Docks
Kona Triangle – Craig-Y-Don Light Show
Harnes Kretzer – 2255
Jeff Bridges – Sleep. Dream. Wakeup
Katahimikan – Angels
Rob Fleming – First Light
Kona Triangle – Mauna Loa
Moshimoss – In A New Light
Alchem – Ashore
[PHYSICS] – Keplers Lament
Harnes Kretzer – Harmonium
Loscil – Pearl
Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Dazwischen 4
lux natura – low light
Air Shaper – Exit Strategy
Helios – Halving The Compass (Rhian Sheehan Remix)
Katahimikan – We Have To Go Back
lux natura – at the light cascades
Loscil – Lucioles
Jeff Bridges – Temescal Canyon