Drifting & Dreaming – Vol. 4

This mix of 37 tracks incorporates Ambient Electronica, Dreamy Downtempo, Neo-Classical, film scores, and is even interspersed with some sound samples I collected during my travels to Southeast Asia. I hope you enjoy.

Finally finished another installation of this sleepy series! I have to say, it’s was actually quite a challenge to stay awake through the draft listen-throughs while it was being out together, so hopefully that’s a good thing…??  :  )

Dream away my friends…

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Listen to Vol.1 here
Listen to Vol. 2 here
Listen to Vol. 3 here


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Metropolis – EKKO
Collision of the Pacific Gatherer – Loscil
Harmonium – Max Richter
Léttur But Mikill – Jan Amit
Especially for Them (Part 2) – Danieljdavis
Travelers Welcome – Carl Sagan’s Ghost
Cold Out There – Jon Hopkins
Say Goodbye – Jan Amit & Oise
She Went By – Tulpa
Sleep – Jonson
Autumn Things…. – EKKO
Nils Has A New Piano – Nils Frahm
June – Akira Kosemura
In The Androgynous Dark – Brambles
Meccahnomad – Carl Sagan’s Ghost
Murmuring Mermaids – Lunz
Campanile – Harold Budd
Blue Hour – Ryan Helsing
Apollo 11 instrumental – EKKO
Xine V (Tearily) – Sven Weisemann
The Funeral – Javier Navarrete
All I Know – Stray Theories
Daddy is a Champ – Frithjof Toksvig
Opalescent – Jon Hopkins
Venice – Reporter
Especially for Them (Part 4) – Danieljdavis
The Nursery – Clint Mansell
The End Final – Frithjof Toksvig
Biosphere – Kobresia
Shine – Jonson
Hastings Special – Loscil
Tacit -Forever (Stray Theories Remix)
New Animals From The Air – Eluvium
Legho (Send Someone Off To Their Dreams) – Esem
Catnap – Akira Kosemura
Ocean girls / Taipei Rain – EKKO

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