Electric Breeze – Vol. 2

Chillstep travels along the mind’s coast…

99 minutes of various chilled sub-dub genres for your listening enjoyment.

Click here to download mix (Part 1 – 320 Kbps)

Click here to download mix (Part 1 – Lossless FLAC)

This was definitely a lot of fun to put together…In case you’re curious, there are a few “easter egg” samples from Cloud Atlas and Game of Thrones as well haha. They happen in Lunar, Venus, You Are Not Alone, Fade, and Departure : )

Cheers friends!

Click here to listen to Volume 1

– Tracklist –

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Stumbleine – Capulet
Synthetic Epiphany & CoMa – Beauty In Errors
Versa & Rowl – Lunar
Kayden – Black Emotion (2 Senses Remix)
Grifta – Risico
Anthony Drawn – Remember
Volor Flex – Venus
Biome – The Planets
Reso – Namida
J-One – Until Dawn
CMA – Without You
DFRNT – In You Go
J-One – Summer Nights
Swarms – Forest
Wolftek – Lost Lagoon
Sizzlebird – Wheel of Time
CoMa – Wouldn’t It Be Good If It Was True (ENiGMA Dubz Mix)
Ghosts Of Paraguay – Piano Piece
Submerse – You Are Not Alone
TwoThirds – To The Sky
Submerse – Fall In Love
Volor Flex – You In Me
Jakwob – Fade (Etherwood VIP)
Kodak To Graph – Departure

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