I Stand Here

18 tracks diving deep into an ocean of electronica.

Incudes Bop | Ocoeur | Maps and Diagrams – In collaboration with @kahnman

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”

– William Shakespeare

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Cover artwork via the incredible Beeple.

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SubtractiveLAD – Even Stars Forget
Sven Laux – Sudden Rain
Maps and Diagrams – Voyages and Travels
From the Mouth of the Sun – Bodies In Fog
Ian Hawgood and Segue – 1 Plateau
F:\Music2\Understated Theory – Decoy
Moonbeam – The Sister Song
Ocoeur – Gionis
Bop – Odd Meaning
Hidden Vibes – Swallowed by the Ocean
The Mountaineering Club Orchestra – The Ascent (Panpan Remix)
Sound Awakener & Dalot – Everyday Happiness
Federico Albanese – The Blue Hour
Moonbeam – On The Way
Mark Pritchard – Sad Alron
Nonkeen – Re-turn
Remember – Love Me
Lumious – As I Stand Here