Soothing Soundwaves – Vol. 2

24 tracks with a broad splash of chilled, downtempo, and beat genres perfect for studying, relaxing, or just doing whatever brings life for you.

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Cheers friends!

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A.M. Architect – Unspoken
Long Arm – The Waterfall Inside Me
Snacs – New Alchemy
Bruises – Hail
Astronautica – You&Me
Lunova Labs – White Fir
Radj – flyjin
Goomar – Omokage
GUTS – Aimer sans Amour
Hellblazer – Classified Me
Ribbonmouthrabbit – Who Is It
Radj – trigger
Yegor Cergei – Akarpes Prospathies
Pawcut & Hellblazer – Expectations
Kodomo – Concept 10
Suplington – Love For Sale
Zacarocha – Hold It
Lunova Labs – Eucalyptus
Ferrein – Hover (Clipped)
Omnimotion – Being
Patrick Lee – Hands In
40 Winks – Kodak Moment (Long Arm Remix)
A.M. Architect – Please Help Me
L’Orange – Alone feat. Blu