Spectral Reflections

31 tracks including downtempo, electronica, psy-ambient, and instrumental beats.

A collaborative mix with my friend kahnman; created to inspire thought, reflection, and a deeper awareness of life.

31 tracks including downtempo, electronica, psy-ambient, and instrumental beats.

Thanks to StandingBear for his Solar Reflection mix which inspired the idea for a collaboration.

Drift on friends : )

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– Tracklist –

Soular Order – Everything That Time Holds / Alan Watts – The Spectrum of Vibrations
Ian Boddy – The Possibility of Existence
Die_Nachtstunde – Different_Heights
Marconi Union – Interiors
Der Waldlaufer – Ciel Ouvert
Trentemoeller & Buda – Gamma (Original Mix)
Maps and Diagrams – Sergels Torga
Sangam – Make Me Feel
Marconi Union – Sleepless
Hammock – Moon Through the Branches
SineRider – Drifting (Remix)
Clams Casino – Melthru
Ispø – Tesla (rm3327′ At Night Ambient Mix)
Moebius & Plank – Tollkühn
Brak – Untitled 5
Synchi – Stuck With You
Kiln – Templefrog
Monoceros – 6equj5
Monoceros – Monocrom
Max Corbacho – Mirabilis Structura
The Sight Below – Without Motion
Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd – A Minute, A Day, No More
Daniel Land & The Modern Painters – Starfish Fucking (riverrun deconstruction mix)
Neu! – Jahresübersicht (Part One): Im Glück
Sangam – Remember (Gone 4eVer)
L own & Sangam – Known To Be.
Brian Eno & Jah Wobble – Garden Recalled
Maps and Diagrams – The Same Day, Yesterday
Jean Michel Jarre – Diva
Guitar King – Tune of Soul
Manuel Göttsching – Ash Ra Temple – Echo Waves / Alan Watts – To Be Aware Of The Melody

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