Time & Spaces – Vol. 1

Fifteen tracks of spacey electronica, psy-ambient, and experimental downtempo for your journey through time.

From time to time, time stops, in the middle of music, which is all about time, and about the way that time and timing is everything, and music is time itself turned into form, time is the past and the present turned into content, form and content connect blend float across time, time for thought, time to listen, time to feel, time to end this sentence.

-Paul Morley

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– Tracklist –

AES DANA – Riven
Robot Koch x Pavel Dovgal – Open
H.U.V.A. Network – Symetric Lifes
Cell – Calling
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Reaktion
Jaymuhsin – Cailin’s Lullaby
I Awake – Reclaim
Yagya – Rigning þrjú
Kettel & Secede A New Factory
Kettel – Dronie More
Cell – Erasing Pluto
Andrew Lahiff – Night of Fallen Stars
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Euphotic
Andrew Lahiff – The Pulse Monuments
Stellardrone – Stardome

Photo: http://bit.ly/16Jot35

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