A Sol Mechanic | upwrd spral

Track Title: upwrd spral

Artist: A Sol Mechanic

Album: Emotion Terrace

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Artist Bio

Hailing from the southern California party town of Isla Vista / Santa Barbara, A Sol Mechanic (David Blazer) produces addicting sun-drenched, smoke-swirling experimental and instrumental hip-hop beats. Keep an eye out, and I’m confident you’ll see this talented beatmaker vastly expand his fanbase in the near future. If you’re in the LA area, treat yourself to one of his upcoming shows here.

Track analysis

Key: B-flat minor

Smooth, luscious, dampening filters on the mid-range synths combine with deep, full, reassuring basslines to deliver a breathy calming experience. Add the sexy claps, snaps, and abrupt breaks, and you have the pleasure of a track to sink peacefully into. Enjoy…