Glasser | Apply

Artist: Glasser

Title: Apply

Album: Ring

Glasser is the project of Cameron Mesirow, who I think lives in LA? She has a gorgeous voice and I love how she incorporates tribal drums in many of her pieces. This piece is simply two chords, yet it has surprising depth and many intricacies that I think deserve to be enjoyed.

I recently finished reading George Orwell’s 1984 for the first time (as somehow I missed it in high school), and I find myself thinking about the concepts presented in the book often. One I found especially fascinating was the idea of a machine (the versificator) that wrote songs for general consumption by the proles. So as I was driving back from Vegas earlier today I was talking with my friend and she told me that she only listened to the radio pop stations (kiss fm, etc) and country music, and at the time I thought nothing of it.

When I got back earlier this evening I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something more worth exploring; some connection between living your entire musical life a slave to the radio and the idea of a versificator in 1984.

I began to wonder what comprises the level of quality in a piece of music? Is it the lyrics? Sound production? Chord progressions? Instrumentation? Complexity? Emotion? The combination of all those things? What determines if music is good or not??

My thought process led me to the conclusion that music is a reflection of humanity in general. It has the power to convey ideas, belief systems, and emotions that not even words can fully express.

The whole pop music industry is just that; an industry. It’s a self-perpetuating machine of cheap overused ideas and emotional manipulation based on economics that directs people how to think and act.

All the components of a piece (instrumentation, chord progressions, etc) are just tools to bring into existence the ideas and mood the creator wishes to convey.

Bad music occurs when the heart is lacking.

I’m not trying to speak in a condescending manner, it was just a thought I had that may or may not be right. However, I do firmly believe that the best way to direct yourself musically is to always keep exploring, because there is so much good we have yet to discover and create.

Enjoy Glasser!

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