Freescha | Where All Good Squishes Go

Artist: Freescha

Album: Head Warlock Double Stare

Track Title: Where All Good Squishes Go

Freescha is an electronic/IDM duo from the San Fernando valley in California. This track grew on me the more I listened, and I especially began to appreciate the chord selection more earnestly. The track begins in the Key of G-Major, and so chugs along repeating the same phrase (with some subtle variations) until at 1:24 the vii (f-minor) chord is used to modulate (change) to a beautifully haunting melody in the key of a-minor.

My absolute favorite moment in this piece occurs right at the end of the a-minor phrase. The D note slides down to the C over the course of the entire beat; effecting both a swaying and melting motion in the heart and body. This occurs at 1:54, 2:05, 2:17, and 2:29 as the final note of the track.