Groove Armada | History

Artist: Groove Armada

Title: History (Love Mix)

Album: White Light

This “Love Mix” track struck me as presenting something different beyond the aesthetics when compared to the original mix, but I couldn’t place it right away.

To refresh your ears, here is the original History track which was released on their Black Light album:

This track is set in the key of a-minor, and consistently features the same four-chord phrase for the entirety of the piece, with the 4th chord in the tonic of a-minor. However,  the “Love Mix” track’s 4th chord is an inverted F-Major, which when combined with the earthy synths, gives it a much warmer tone overall. The message of the piece presents itself explicitly to fruition at 2:32 during the stacking  interplay between voice, synth chords/strings, and guitar echoing an onward Dream.