Artist Spotlight ∧ Cold, cold heart

‘Megan’ begins with the viola and cello unashamedly holding up sustained major 10ths. Joined by the piano and the reverb-drenched guitar shortly afterwards, the progression gives rise, bearing new lines to float between as the players push and pull with their respective solos. Robert Manning, Chris Daniel and Adrian Jones have created something special by combining their talents, and comparisons to Helios, Caught in The Wake Forever, and Explosions In The Sky are sure to arise as this trio from London/Chichester develops.


A soothing stream of sound where the soul melts peacefully into place. ‘Wolf Eyes, you’re staring’ begins with the pianist leading the progressions to establish the world until a moment of reflection is found with the gentle guitar strums at 1:21. Building gracefully, and subtly adding line after line, Cold, Cold Heart weaves a blanket to to shield us from the biting cold of winter and the harsh elements which we find ourselves in; sometimes without even knowing it.



Stand/Still was their very first release back in August. It’s filled with longing echoes, wide spaces, a sense of deep loss, and a special peace found after close searchings of the heart.

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