Breakout Artist Spotlight: Evan Tyler ▶ CAT RAPS

Now for something truly all its own, Evan Tyler makes his debut release with ‘CAT RAPS‘; an “album thematically looking at cats as symbolic creatures that represent the timeless arts of ‘cold lampin’ and ‘field trippin’…providing the listener with a blend of psychedelic lyrical quests and a plethora of contemporary art-hop sounds.”

Check it on this journey through album highlights:

First World Problems

Reverb soaked guitar loops meets fantastic flowing verses. “The beauty is the frustration when I try to solve them” speaks entirely to the narrow perspective we can confine ourselves in.

My friend Dana

With a beat sounding like it’s fresh from the crew, the flows wind through the experiences of important, simple times with the shine of a sunny BBQ day mixed with the melancholy present tinged with loss. One of my favorite tracks hands-down.

The Tuna Belly

Enjoy sarcastic thoughts on Pitchfork socialites, Drake-loving art snobs, and homophobic frat boys to start.



Highlight line: “Syncopated reasoning, illegible drones…Politicians are just people who don’t pick up the phone.”

Peculiar Freedom

Peculiar freedom is the perfect followup to CAT RAPS in terms of tracklisting.

You’re Hysterical ft. Topless Literati

This collaboration between experimental art hop artist Topless Literati and Evan Tyler is unsettling in more ways than one. With each repeat of those two deadening words, our hero’s heart and self-confidence drains a little more, which is certainly the point. The droll, empty self-confidence infuses each line with an undertone of despair and acceptance of the uselessness grasping has in a dark void.

Hightline line: “Soaking up social pressure – it’s a sickness”.

My Girlfriend’s Laptop

Speaking of despair, I needed this. More people need this. My generation needs this, because this right here is amazing.

The smile simply refuses to leave and only grows with each new replay.

The edgy, turbulent ecosystem of complete digital submersion is the absurd atmosphere woven and wrapped around the listeners mind. There is no escape. You will participate. You will not stop laughing.

“I’m so confident in everything that I’m doing right now…Everything’s great….I feel great. I’m keeping an open mind…and having…much fun…I feel in control…I’m okay..I’m Thriving!”

“Juggling balloons with a blade. I’m a frequent flier. I get points.”

A homage to the empty nothings we tell ourselves when we feel like we should be feeling like other people. You know, the cool ones?

‘Versions of myself’ is visceral in its transparency, depressive roots, and struggles with identity. Dripping with haunting thoughts grabbing at the thin veneer some call confidence; revealing a part of each of us.

The instrumental beat reminisces the ear of acts such as The Cancel and Apollo Brown.

Drinkin’ Tea

Love the violin line and jazz-hop vibes. Can’t wait for the day to grab a bag of herbs (tea?) with this guy.


Saw-tooth synths in 6/8 lend the hazy backdrop behind the image-laden lyrical flows fierce with hissing intensity.

Inside jokes you’ll understand once you have the album:

P. S. Pet your cat!

P. P. S. (because someone had to do it)

P. P. P. S. Save the Shih Tzus!!!

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