Digital 21 + Stefan Olsdal | War

Stefan Olsdal is the bassist/guitarist for Placebo, and Digital 21 has been pioneering electronic music since 1988. According to RA, Digital 21 has composed, arranged and played every instrument of his albums. Just released today, I’m excited to share their first collaboration together: ‘WAR’.

Beginning a piece with 13 seconds sustaining a Major 7th interval in the strings is the music equivalent of this:


In fact, it’s not a bad idea to start the ‘WAR’ track and then play the video with the sound muted.

The melding of a string ensemble with the fierce electronic elements soar gloriously above any preconceived notion people may have about the idea before the sound reaches the ears.

There’s a certain feeling and passion conveyed by the strings in this setting when they’re recorded live instead of being sourced from a glistening sound bank everyone has access to. It would be amazing to see this live someday.

P.S. The first violinist’s vibrato is graceful and not overstated. Relaxed and confident.

Visit their website here.