Rob Fleming ʌ Chasing Light

Beginning gently with ethereal wisps in the upper range, you can imagine light beginning to trickle across the ocean in the early morning as ‘Fortress’ flows gracefully. A masterful build brings in the downbeat at 1:34, which continue into the mid-section with a hope impossible to subdue. The blend of post-rock and electronic elements are well-balanced; working to compliment each other instead of detracting. Even the vocals during the apex aren’t too far forward in the mix. Absolutely beautiful.

A perfect piece to lift you up one more time on those days when all seems lost.

Swaths of light rise up around us with this epic journey from Rob Fleming; swirling the mind across the atmosphere and soaring gracefully into the unknown beyond.

Beautiful piano lines bring to mind Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm, yet the melodic guitar lines add a different dimension; painting similar majestic colors artists Helios, Slow Dancing Society, and Hammock became so well known for.

The sustained apex and gentle conclusion is unforgettable; gorgeous in its unapologetic splendor and forgiving in its promise of hope. One of my favorite albums so far this year.


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