Reuniting for a Common Theme: Money

Guns N' Roses

Reuniting for a Common Theme: Money

Track Title: Civil War

Artist: Guns N’ Roses

Album: Use Your Illusion II

As I traveled around the UK before the turn of the year, I got wind of the imminent return of one of my favorite bands of all-time, Guns N’ Roses. Although I wasn’t born during their heady days as the biggest band on the planet, their music has transcended generations.

When they announced they would be reuniting as a band and would be playing 6 new shows, I received this news with a slew of different emotions. Anxious to know what the band would sound like after 23 years of not playing together was the first problematic hurdle the band would have to overcome. Additionally, would Guns N’ Roses be able to recreate the magic of yesteryear? Certainly Axl Rose wasn’t able to do so with his many reincarnations of the band over the years minus the uber influential Slash.

While still traveling, I obviously had the aid of my iPod to reminisce through a series of the best Guns N’ Roses songs. Also, I felt the need to visit some of the London venues in which the band had some of their most memorable shows. I ventured to the Marquee club in Soho, where the band played an infamous show back in 1987. Although, I wasn’t able to go to the original Wembley Stadium where the band played a sold-out show in 1992. The stadium has since been knocked down and rebuilt on another site in the city.

But of all the Guns N’ Roses tracks they ever released, ‘Civil War’ is by far my favorite. It has many underlining messages amidst Slash’s unmistakable guitar licks. And while the news of the imminent reunion was tied with my travels around London the two will always go hand-in-hand now, revoking memories of London’s vibrant culture in my memory bank as well as the band’s reemergence.

Whether the band is getting back together just to increase their bank balances remains to be seen. However, with news of a new album, maybe Axl and Slash have finally buried the hatchet. I, for one, will be wearing my Guns N’ Roses tees with pride for the coming months. The band will undoubtedly make millions from merchandise sales in 2016. They’ve even launched online slot titles on various platforms, new apparel with the original lineup featured on, posters and even blankets.

The likelihood is, I won’t be investing in anything I don’t need especially since traveling as drained my bank balance, however I will rejoice in the fact that my favorite band has got back together. I hope you enjoy ‘Civil War’ as much as I do, as well as the rest of Guns N’ Roses’ back catalogue.

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Leo Davis: A keen traveler, Leo also has an insatiable appetite for destruction. When not traveling, he loves to read and write about the history of heavy metal.