Solo Pianist Paolo Cognetti’s ‘Rinascita’

In the words of pianist and composer Paolo Cognetti, “‘Rinascita’ is the choice that by definition excludes all others. It is the risk this choice involves, but also the faith with which it is undertaken. Musically, this ideal path is achieved through an element which is presented at the beginning of the track and then, having explored its nature from different angles, finds its decisive transformation after an intense crescendo.”

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The first track gives the album its title and its first single; it also represents a turning point in Paolo’s life because the pianist and composer came out of it transformed, projected into a different way of confronting fate, reborn into a new life. Throughout the entire arc of the piece’s story, the visual accompanies the performance beautifully, as we follow a single rose petal carried by torrents which slice powerfully through rock as the music swells – while clear, peaceful streams compliment the calmer portions. Within this spectrum, Paolo explores what it means to be carried by true faith and deep grace above any threatening waters which may rush around us.

The album “Rinascita” is Paolo Cognetti’s musical diary through memories, thoughts and emotions. It consists of 10 original solo piano compositions which relate to the artist’s life experiences and private reflexions. They are presented with immediacy and in depth through his work. This is an artist who has generously decided to confide his mysteries to those who open their hearts to his music. And just like a spell, what used to be intimate and personal is transformed into something capable of speaking to all, of resembling everyone’s experience, gaining new and universal meanings. The desire to create this magical common ground between humans through music is the energy which animates “Rinascita”.