The Flashbulb – Highway One

Artist: The Flashbulb (AKA Benn Jordan)

Title: Highway One

Album: Soundtrack to a Vacant Life

My favorite part is the gorgeous sitar sliding to the E at 2:10, and the photo above is actually of the same beach I visited.

Here are some thoughts and experiences I had on the beach while listening to this track:

Breathing deep the salty smell of ocean air.

The sun making its way over the ocean to me.

A young couple next to us sharing drinks, laughing.

The islands in the distance.

The cry of birds as they dive for fish.

The feel of the sand gently supporting me.

Dogs playing joyously in the surf.

The rush of the wind blowing against my skin and hair.

An old couple holding hands.

The roar of the waves crashing.

A distant house burning – massive plumes of black smoke funneling upwards in the distance.

The hum of airplanes soaring overhead.

The stoic cliffs behind me.

Kids screaming with laughter as they play in the water.

The oil derricks in linear formations.

A jet-ski bouncing over the wind-swept water.

The jokes of friends revolving around girls, girls, and more girls.

The taste of cold Jamaican beer.

A little toddler screaming for his Dad to hold his hand.

The oily sheen increasing on the surface of the water as the sun finally sets.

This is my life, and the combination of these sensations and feelings cannot be fully imagined, only felt. This is my peace.

To me, these moments are unforgettable because the combination of all these elements can never be fully recreated. Perfectly unique.

Visit his Bandcamp page to download more tracks from The Flashbulb:
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