Trentemøller | Take Me Into Your Skin

Artist: Trentemøller

Track Title: Take Me Into Your Skin

Album: The Last Resort

Beginning in the key of g-minor, this track builds gracefully, yet with a purpose. Defining many of the elements you will hear throughout the rest of the album: haunting background vocals, fierce muted guitars, a multitude of tiny yet intricate electronic sounds, and flowing bass lines serving as the pillars.

Right away we are introduced to Trentemøller’s firm grasp of the power of dynamics, with the track building for the first two and a half minutes and then releasing to let you soar along the waves of clouds before sinking back into the struggle at 4:40. Just when think it could not possibly become any more tense, a build explodes in fury on the 6 minute mark with all the elements combining unrelentingly until the rage is spent.