Rainy Thoughts (AWaking Dream Mashup)

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Track Title: Rainy Thoughts (AWaking Dream Mashup)

Artists: Paul Morley x Miranda Shvangiradze

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Miranda Shvangiradeze is a talented piano and electronic music composer from Georgia (Eastern Europe).

Paul Morley is arguably the most famous (as well as my favorite) music writer to date. His “Lost for words” series has been featured repeatedly on the Late Night Tales Series.

The idea to combine the two occurred while enjoying a mixing session, and my hope for the future is to experiment and create more edits and juxtapositions combining spoken words and poetry with music. It’s not something I hear often, and some of my deepest and inspirational life moments have occurred when listening to inspiring writers and orators like Paul Morley and Alan Watts. I hope you enjoy these rainy thoughts : )

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