Gili Air & Roku

Track Title: Paradise

Artist: Roku

Album: ILZ

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Roku (AKA LocalRoku, Ivy-League Zombie, Tut Piece) is a beat-crafting duo from the Bronx, New York. A wide range of samples and fearless confidence makes these “two college under-grads with a knack for pushing buttons” hugely enjoyable to follow.

Gili Air | Indonesia

Clear waters, mountains of washed-up coral, and countless beach-side bungalows make up this mostly-peaceful island. Love booths seem plentiful, and perfect for chilling out while enjoying a gentle ocean breeze and the sounds of lapping waves. Although I wish I could spend more than a couple days here, the time has arrived to move on.

Gili Air

The first place we stopped to eat.

P. S. I’m fairly certain that the phrase “Never try…Never Know…” could be the code for Magic Mushrooms, and many of the bars/restaurants here feature this phrase on their menus…

Gili Air - Restaurant Sign



Gili Air

Coral Love Booth


Sunset - GIli Air

Sunset – GIli Air


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