Ko Lanta Yai (Thailand)


Our journey to Thailand and the island of Ko Lanta Yai began with an epic ocean border crossing from Northern Malaysia. After hunting down directions to the immigration port building, we hit what seemed to be a unbreakable language barrier with the port authorities. I haltingly understand a couple of western European languages, but those were absolutely no use in a situation when Malay is the primary language and Thai is the secondary…luckily my lovely travel companion knew Mandarin, and one of the authorities spoke haltingly as his third language. Translations communicated, we were able to gather enough to know the time the cargo boat crossing into Thailand departed. This settled, we enjoyed a quick meal and sat down by the loading docks to wait.

The departure time approached and passed, and suddenly a small wooden long-tail boat with about 10-15 Thai and Malay people pulled up – roaring its engine by the dock. The people began motioning and yelling at us in their languages with extreme enthusiasm to jump on., so we stood up and were about to step on board, when a much larger cargo crew that was already docked on a neighboring wharf began to wave and shout frantically at us – essentially imploring us not to board the smaller craft. Completely torn, I decided to jump on the first boat and we launched off into the ocean with the people on our boat yelling back at the docked crew with what seemed to be jeers and laughter. I still haven’t completely figured out what transpired, but I have my suspicions that it was all rooted in friendly competition. After cutting through the water and admiring the mangrove forests on the coast for abround 45 minutes, we approached the dock in Thailand.





We stayed for five night exploring the wealth of scenery and activities the island had to offer. Highlights include SUPPING (Stand-Up Paddle Boarding) for the first time during the sunset, exploring through the Maew Cave network, listening to the bats in total darkness, and relaxing on the beach at Fisherman’s Cottage. Also, if you ever get the chance to stay there, treat yourself to their Mussman Squid Curry : )

Here are some photos taken on the island:


Fisherman's Cottage - Ko Lanta Yai

Fisherman’s Cottage Beachfront

Path Through Fisherman's Cottage

Path Through Fisherman’s Cottage

Fisherman's Cottage Bungalow

Fisherman’s Cottage Bungalow

Fisherman's Cottage - Bungalow Interior

Fisherman’s Cottage – Bungalow Interior


There was a type of bird which made its nest in the thatched roof of our Bungalow that had the endearing (and sometimes aggravating) urge to *Ca CAWW* loudly all through the day and night. We named it Cackles because of call, and someday I want to figure out exactly what species it is and record its song…


Ko Lanta Yai - Kha Khlong Beach

Kha Khlong Beach

There’s so much to explore and experience on this island!

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