Kuala Lumpur & Scrubber Fox

Track Title: Takin No Shiz

Artist: Scrubber Fox

Album: Turbulent Topographies

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Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia

This city opened up a vibrant and diverse world to me, and some might say a hyper-overloaded sensory experience. The crowded streets of Chinatown offered plenty off haggling and knock-off shopping opportunities (if you’re into that), while the KLCC sported higher price-point name brand stores. White coffee is available almost everywhere you turn, and there is an intense electronics mall (Lo Yat plaza?) probably close to 10 stories high.

We decided to join a Pub Crawl referred to us by the guesthouse we were staying in, and I feel it is my duty to warn you that drinks are quite expensive due to taxes, and such.

On the flip side, public buses are free, and we had the opportunity to enjoy an inexpensive  delicious hotpot/buffet  meal.

In retrospect, the Chinese day market was the high point for myself; there are plenty of stalls offering fresh jackfruit, durian, dragonfruit, along withother vendors chopping up freshly roasted duck and selling addicting mochi-like snacks rolled in peanut shavings. In other words, Chinatown = Win.


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