Kuta & Thrupence

Track Title: Winston

Artist: Thrupence

Album: Voyages

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Kuta | Lombok, Indonesia

Kuta, Lombok

Kuta, Lombok


This small beach-side village is renowned in the surfer community for its consistently spectacular breaks. Even if you don’t surf, there are still some great exploration opportunities. We stayed in a cozy place right next to the beach called Surfer Inn – the raised daises, giant geckos, and refreshing pool sold me.

Surfer Inn - Kuta, Lombok

Surfer Inn


For delicious eats (especially fresh squid), great service, and a laid-back wifi-friendly atmosphere, Riviera Bar & Cafe is incredible; my favorite place in town, while Sunset Cafe and Full Moon Cafe tie for a close second.


Sunset Cafe

Sunset Cafe


If you want to go for a hike, trek down the road towards/past the Novatel resort, but watch out for the falling coconuts, as one came down with a gunshot-like crack right next to me with little warning. If you make your way past the resort and crossing a rickety bridge over sewage/chemical water, you’ll be rewarded with a an epic view of two bays near T’Anj, a standard go-to spot for the surfers.


Sketchy Bridge

Sketchy Bridge Near Novatel Resort

T'Anj Surf Spot

T’Anj Surf Spot


Another high point for me was being invited by one of the locals to a pick-up soccer game. Since English was limited, they opted to call me “tourist!” for passing/cutting signals, and it was really invigorating to connect with them through the universal language of the sport.

If you’re feeling like an indulgent day, here’s on option I thoroughly enjoyed while watching a pair of dogs play:


Snacks & Sunshine

Snacks & Sunshine



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