Melaka & Dirty Art Club

Track Title: Girls In June

Artist: Dirty Art Club

Album: Vermilion

Melaka – Malaysia

If you find yourself in Kuala Lumpur with an extra day or two you’d like to spend away from the deep subversive atmosphere of the city, Melaka (Malacca) is an excellent option to change things up. If you’d like to read more in-depth details about the city itself, I’d recommend checking out the Wikitravel for Melaka here. For this post however, I’d rather describe what I enjoyed about the place itself in my brief overnight stay there.

We arrived at our guesthouse mid-afternoon and after unpacking and getting our bearings, opted to set out to visit the touristy (but still fun) night market. It was my first night market experience ever, and I found it a real pleasure to experience everything; especially my first fried oyster meal and sitting down at one of the open-air pubs and watching the progression of buyers unfold during sunset.

Sunset in Melaka

Sunset in Melaka

Melaka Nightmarket During Sunset

Melaka Nightmarket During Sunset


If you’re in the mood for coffee and a delicious Nasi Lemak breakfast, there’s a place called 13 States Coffee (otherwise known as Calanthe Art Cafe) which you should not miss. It has the kind of character and quality worth supporting :  )


13 States Coffee (otherwise known as Calanthe Art Cafe)


For any romantic or simply relaxing evening, just take a walk alongside the river and enjoy the lighting and ambiance.


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