Penang (Georgetown) & Billa Qause

So welcome to Georgetown! A multi-cultural city set in the northern Malaysian state of Penang.

Georgetown - Love Lane 2

It was through these streets that I enjoyed dashing through in the rain; seeking shelter for myself and the precious laptop. “Must save the music!” was the over-arching thought that kept running through my head, and nothing suffered long-lasting damage in the end.

In regards to the food, there was definitely a large Indian and Chinese presence (which was a great thing ; ) – and plenty of places for me to satisfy my white coffee cravings…

The 2nd-story view from our hotel.

The 2nd-story view from our hotel.


The road in the photo below was near a pleasant cafe, where one of those amazing run-ins happened to us.  We were sitting on the patio, enjoying some Skol beers (a darker brew owned by Carlsberg, which by the way is really popular there) and playing cards, when a friend we had met in Kuala Lumpur earlier on the trip walked on by (I couldn’t help but throw in that phrase because of the music track haha), and stopped to briefly chat. It is simply mind-blowing how small the world can be sometimes.

Love Lane

Love Lane

Georgetown Waterfront

A post-sunset View of the coast.


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