Ubud & Nujabes

Track Title: Feather (Instrumental Remake)

Artist: VI x Nujabes

The Reason

I have just embarked on a long-anticipated backpacking trip to Southeast Asia, and there are many reasons for me to be grateful right now. To me, this track represents opening a new chapter of life; carried happily with the wind to unknown adventures.

I arrived to my first destination a few days ago; a little town called Ubud on the island of Bali (Indonesia). This is my first time really entering a tropical region, and besides the obvious change to a more humid climate, the aspect that strikes me the most is the presence of a vast number of different species of life (both quasi-domestic, and wild). Rooster’s sing (?) their tunes any hour they please, along with hundreds of other birds, and it is a calming experience waking up to their voices.

The dewdrop rice terraces are a stunning green (especially when combined with the sunrise), and the food is delicious. A perfect town to help shake off my jet lag and center the thoughts. Here are some photos from my meanderings:


Ubud Sunrise Ubud Sunrise Ubud Sunrise Ubud Sunrise


Ubud Monkey Forest


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  1. maria

    Hi Big Bro, ( I like the ring to that)

    Glad to hear your flight went well and i was admiring your website. I miss you like crazy and give me a ring sometime 🙂


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