Fear and Dreams

Fear is generally held in our society and the animal world as an unattractive trait, and I can understand why.

However, what I appreciate about dreams and fantasies is that they can remove you to a completely different state of existence which is next to impossible to find or achieve in our day-to-day world, so let me share this one dark dream I have.

Fear and Dreams

We are all huddled around a few of our last candles. The room is dark, deep, and feels vacant even though there are six of us. Somehow, the last place we have found to take shelter is a basement in one of the nameless skyscrapers left.

Our conversations have grown cold as we collectively agree in silence to eliminate the noises laced with fear our voices betray.

I feel the movement first.

I look up across the circle to one of the people I haven’t met, and we both know.

As the rumbling grows there is nothing but the dawning of comprehension in our group; the doors collapsed long ago.

I had heard many times that the emotions of love and hate are intertwined because of their fierce nature, but never considered the possibility that fear could bring people together just as much as love. In fact, I would go so far to say that the mortal fear we were all participating in brought forth a pure love between us; that emotion considered by many to be immortal.

These thoughts were not a conscious decision of my mind, but appeared more like a flash of awareness as the first small pebbles began to sprinkle down and snuff out the candles. I could feel the terror in the hand of the person next to me who was unconsciously digging their nails into my arm, and it was this small point of pain that brought me out of my frozen stare with the person across from me. We both knew.

We grabbed the people next to us and began to motion and yell at them to move into the center until we succeeded, as arms began to interlock with shoulders, followed by joining hands. Words were no longer pressing, and the deafening roar would have swallowed them anyway.

Vibrations morphed into time. Time became elastic. My life did not flash before me, but I received the piercing awareness that I was feeling memories. Memories so fragmented and broken that I knew instantly they were not all mine. The memories expanded and stretched until it felt as if I was living a short life in each one, even if the memory was distinctly another person’s. It was as I journeyed through these worlds of perceptions and states, that I realized as we all did.

The sorrow of death and the joy of life was colliding, twisting, merging; exploding pieces of identity and soul into births of new, and deaths of old.

There was no sound anymore: we all knew.

-AWaking Dream

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