Nova Scotia

I am ecstatic to finally have some time to relax and spend the holidays with my family. Flew into Boston Saturday evening, and drove from there to St. John in New Brunswick (Canada), and tomorrow we drive the final leg to Nova Scotia.

During the trip, it began to snow in New Hampshire/Maine when we stopped for food, and I had to take a video of it – I could’t restrain my excitement. I miss the peaceful white rain.

Also since I had 8 hours to kill in the car, I spent a few finishing an early version of the mix for “Relax, Chill, & Breathe” which I will post next as soon as it’s finished uploading. I’ll be replacing it with the more polished version(s) when I get a chance, but I want to try and focus on some of the mixes I’ve neglected making because of my crazy schedule lately, and spend some much-needed time with quality music (to help offset the deluge of Christmas-themed sludge bombarding us in every public space), a fire, and some good wine while a fierce blizzard swirls outside. That is my goal this Christmas :  )

Cheers friends!

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