F r a c t a l ♢ M o m e n t s

A pure moment found. Blurred journies discovered.

A new day is born. Memories recovered.

A movement with sound. Deep grief surrendered.

A fractal astounds. Pure dreams remembered.

70 minutes of downtempo, electronica, and ambient tracks close to my heart.

Includes Soular Order | The Echelon Effect | Lostodyssey

Many thanks and respect to my friend kahnman for collaborating on this mix and sharing his thoughts and music.

Click here to download mix (320 Kbps Mp3)

Click here to download mix (Lossless FLAC)


Andrew Bayer – Let’s Hear That B Section Again
lostodyssey – Heartland (ft. Loam)
Loam – Newphase
Shaky Snakes – Clark Drive Sunrise
Circular – Selenic Light
granola – Distance
Liveloula – Daylight
exitmusic – The Cold
The Echelon Effect – Visitors On The Bow Wave
granola – Metanoia
Heathered Pearls – Raising Our Ashes (Solar Year Remix)
Ishq – Call of The Running Tide
Whodoes – Waves
Soular Order – Hinterland
Cliff Martinez – First Sleep
Not a Number – Incessantly Fluttering
MTS – Neche
Rone – Nakt
The Flashbulb – Nothing But Lines
lostodyssey – The Sum Of Things
Todd- Terje – Snooze 4 Love
Kltu – Future Mistakes
Env(itre) – Dalej
SunwinÐ – Your Heart is Free
Kid Smpl – Promist (Lam Suet Remix)
Gammatone – WonderDust