W a i t i n g

70 minutes of electronic / downtempo beats full of longing.

Nights grow long | suns lose their light | embers to grey.

Your face gone | nothing is right | clear skies to rain.

Melancholy weighing | breath slows | songs to silence.

Tossing, turning, waiting | heart closed | beats to stillness.

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vassh – without you here….
glo – where were you when i needed you
WMD – California Dawn
Henry Green – Barcelona
Solace – Saudade
BLVCK MVK – Find You
Izzard – Mute Colors
Howlings – Hearing Voices
haven – remember
HXLY KXSS – As I Wait For You
Groeni – Pardons
Nosaj Thing – Let You
Izzard – Until I Find You
The Glitch Mob – The Clouds Breathe for You
LuQuS – I’m Waiting
WMD – Mountain Path
glo – starlight ~ Craset & go
Groeni – Spine & Wick
lux natura – strange glow